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Swiftly to results with my lean approach

Services tailored for your needs

From the first contact on I will listen. First focussing on your wishes as a company that seeks a path to the European markets. Then I listen and learn from the future customers of your products.

This is the basis of my lean approach to market entry. We will move quickly to concrete actions as opposed to the more classical methods with their extensive and expensive office research projects and reporting.

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Everything I do is customer based. Whether you are a company searching for an agent in Germany or a consumer searching for quality products.
Send me a short message and let' get started!

Quickly to action

I provide many services, but what binds it all together is my iterative approach.
We will move seamelessly from planning to action and to tangible results and business growth.

Quality, heath, design and sustainability

Product portfolio

I focus on innovative Finnish products that will induce a paradigm shift in their fields. 

I am currently working with several rapidly-growing Finnish companies and their products.

Incorporate arctic vitality into your life

Arctic Nutrition

Handmade functional glassware

SAVU Whisky Glass

Milking Stool

Beloved Lyyti milking stool a piece of Finnish tradition

Karppinen woodwork

Why Agentur Savolainen

Succesful market entry begins with choosing the right agent

More than 20 years of international experience in DACH area. Case study: Business and strategy developing and implementation; SAVU glass 100-fold revenue growth from 2022 to 2024!

I offer flexible project planing, short response times as well as competitive pricing.!

Office in Cologne, the middle of the population richest German state Nordrhein Westfalen.

I offer services in English, Finnish and German languages,

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